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Andrea Ruby

Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame Director, Andrea Ruby, is educated about Western culture and lifestyle and compelled to share the TCHOF story and collection with the world, and is a life-long Tarrant County resident. She was born into the Western lifestyle, and for her, it’s home, heart, and spirit. As the granddaughter of Bob Wills, the “King of Western Swing,” Andrea naturally developed an enduring love for preserving Western music, lifestyle, and culture.


After spending her early career in marketing and nearly 14 years as a successful retail business owner, Andrea is motivated to bring her passion, experience, and insights to the Fort Worth Stockyards. She says, “As the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame’s proud past now readies to meet a new vision, I am beyond excited for this opportunity. I am eager to engage old and new supporters to invest in the process and excited to dive into this journey as we focus on making visitor experiences even more engaging, educational, and entertaining.”

Board of Directors

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