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Submit your Spirit of Texas Nominations for the 2025 Induction Ceremony!

Submission window closes August 31.


  • The Honoree of the “Spirit of Texas Award” is inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame annually. Nominations are accepted through August 31st. To be considered for the next class of Inductees, the form and supporting documents must be received at Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame on or before August 31st.  Nomination forms received after August 31st will be placed in our file in consideration for the following candidate selection year. 

  • A Selection Committee meets in the fall annually to review all nominations and to select the new class of Inductees for the upcoming ceremony.  The Recipient will be announced on or about the second week of October.

  • Supporting material such as news clippings, articles, photographs, letters of support and other relevant material are welcomed and will remain as a permanent donation to Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. If you are in doubt regarding certain information about the nominee, please state, “best known, unknown or not applicable.”

  • All Nominations are kept on file for three years.  It is not necessary to formally re-nominate an individual if they are not selected during a present year selection.  However, it is recommended you resubmit any new information regarding the nominee you feel will be important in the review process (example: updated contact information, new awards, etc). 

  • When nominating someone for the Spirit of Texas Award, please keep in mind our Award Mission Statement: “The Spirit of Texas Award was established to celebrate the uniqueness of Texas and Texans. It recognizes individuality, achievement, style, independent, innovative and forward thinking.” 


  • Completed Inductee Nomination Form (must be received by August 31). All information remains confidential in our files.

  • Letter of Nomination/Recommendation (submit at least two letters).

  • A detailed biography, including career/lifetime accomplishments, awards, honors, publications, music, photography, public offices held notable quotations, personal anecdotes, nominee’s hobbies and interests.

  • Provide any historical documentation/background information available. Describe the role of Nominee in events.

  • A minimum of two photographs.  (Black & White or Color -- 4x6 or larger).

  • Do not send posters or large objects.  

  • Additional sheets may be used for information.  Please limit sheets to 4 pages.

Questions regarding the Nomination Process should be directed to Director, Andrea Ruby, at 817-626-7131 (phone) 817-626-7171 (fax) or email:

Incomplete nomination packet (form & support material) will not be forwarded to Selection Committee for consideration. 

Aaron Watson Red Steagall

Left - 2020 SOT Inductee Aaron Watson

Right - 2004 SOT Inductee Red Steagall

Spirit of Texas Nomination Form 
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